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1.1   These general conditions stand for ,

Provider: Cityspots, dealing under the trade mark of Flyride.

Offering: Cityspots offers it’s customers appealing prices  for tours in the Netherlands.

Luggage: Cityspots transports only luggage if it fits in the car type that is requisted. 

Customer: The party using Cityspots services.

Services: The arrangement between supplier and customer about services and

Transport/ Tours being delivered.

Transporter: The natural person or legal body, including their employees,

To transport people.



2.1These General Conditions are applicable to any Offer of Supplier in case of
it coming to an Agreement and the Agreement itself.



3.1 The Agreement and subsequent duty to acceptation and payment for
services ordered will happen after acceptance by supplier of services and
received by the executor of the reservation. However, the customer can also pay safely online. 

3.2 After the supplier of services has delivered these to the customer, the customer is then obliged to pay the beforehand agreed price. This can be done to the driver by visa, credit card or payment in cash. The customer can pay online as well and will receive an email after the payment is successful. 


4.1 The agreement can be changed or cancelled by the customer up to 10  hours before the arranged booking but the customer will have to notify the transporter. This is necessary because when changes need to be made in ways of transport e.g. the customer requires a van instead of a station wagon or wants to change the location of collection than that could mean a different in driving time.

4.2 Cancellations should be made up to 10 hours prior to the arranged booking by phone. The Provider is flexible and will not charge you for a cancellation. The payment for the fare will be online of in the car. The provider will only charge for costs that have been made, e.g.
arriving at the address without the customer having cancelled the reservation because he/she might have forgotten to do so.

4.3 Provider will have the right to cancel any tour if it can’t deliver, because of a overbooking or when provider is fully booked. Provider will always return the full payment to the customer and is obligated to inform the customer at least 8 hours in advance, except if due to circumstances beyond one’s control. The customer will still have the opportunity to book a alternative tour at another provider. However, provider will always to their best to deliver and make arrangements for the customer if they can. 


5.1 For transport of 2 people a sedan is available, for up to 4 persons a station wagon and for 5 up to 8 the transport will be by van. Should the customer want to bring more than 1 suit case then this should be notified to the transporter beforehand so that he will arrive in an appropriate


5.2 Provider/transporter is not responsible for the customer’s lost or damaged luggage.



6.1 Provider transports live animals provided they are transported in an appropriate 
manner such as a proper travel bag, case or cage to prevent the risk of damage to the
interior of the vehicle. Should the transporter conclude that an animal could possibly
damage the interior or be odorous the provider is permitted to refuse transportation.

6.2 Guide dogs are always allowed provided the owner gives at least 10 hour notice thus enabling the transporter to provide a suitable vehicle (a station wagon at the least) and possibly a rug for the animal to rest on. The 10 hour notice also gives the provider the opportunity to take possible allergies of drivers into account.



Lesser or disabled persons transport can be provided for. However the provider should always be consulted at least 10 hours in advance as the provider by standard does not supply vans equipped to carry wheelchairs. These can only be provided for on availability by subcontractors in the taxi/ travel branch. Fold up chairs can be transported by station wagon. This needs to be notified at least 10 Hours in advance. Should a lesser able person be able to travel by an ordinary taxi then the provider sees no need for extra information unless it would be subject to the reservation.

7.2 According to taxi law baby/child seats are not obligatory in a taxi. In the seat in the back
of the taxi children as of 3 years old as well as adults have to use the seatbelts. This does not
apply to children under the age of 3 but obviously they need parental or an adult person’s



8.1 Subcontractor, supplier nor driver can be held responsible for loss or damage done due
to delays. This could be delays due to waiting times at Schiphol Airport as well as the missing of flight transfers and/or connecting flights. The provider will at all times do his utmost by taking actions to minimalize or prevent such damage or loss but cannot be held responsible.

8.2 Provider is not liable for damage resulting from delays in the transport. This also applies
to loss resulting from missing travel and flight connections.



9.1 The customer should pay the driver the agreed price at all times unless other prior
arrangements have been agreed upon.

9.2 Provider is at all times justified to claim that the customer pay the agreed bill to the transporter.




10.1 The actual tour will be carried out by the provider or transporter.

10.2 The agreement in relation to the actual transport will be settled between the
customer and transporter,

10.3 The customer will be ready for the tour at the exact date and time and
location as stated in the conformation.

10.4 The tour must start within a 5km radius from or in Amsterdam. Cityspots can charge extra if the pick up is not within a 5km radius from Amsterdam.


11.1 Complaints about the realisation of the agreement will have to be submitted by
E-mail. The provider would like to learn as soon as possible where the service has failed
within 10 working days.

11.2 Complaints by the customer which have not been submitted in accordance with
section 1 of article 11, do not have to be dealt with by the provider.



12.1 The provider never holds responsibility for damage suffered by the customer or
third parties such as; consequential damage and loss of turnover and profit, loss of data
and immaterial damage in connection with, or resulting from services rendered or as a
consequence of the transport delivered by the transporter of the customer and luggage
(including injury, financial and/or material damage suffered by the customer).

12.2 Should the provider despite the previous mentioned section be liable to the customer,
Then the liability, per head and/or per event (in which related events are regarded as one 
and the same) will be limited to the current year in which the customer actually made
payments to the provider exclusive of VAT.

12.3 The afore mentioned conditions are not applicable in the case of the relevant damage
having been caused on purpose or consciously recklessness conduct by provider or his

12.4 Provider is never liable for damage in the case of or as far as this damage has been
caused whilst provider and/or transporter were upholding the valid rules and regulations
laid down by law.



13.1 Provider is not obliged to comply with one or more contracts in case of
impediments due to force majeure. Force majeure also covers non accountable
shortcomings of transporter or employed third parties and suppliers as well as
any situation in which the provider cannot exercise actual control.



14.1 The intellectual rights of ownership of all services offered by the provider,
rest with the provider or third parties of whom the provider gained the rights
(or parts of) to make these services available to customers.



15.1 Nullity of one of the conditions of these general conditions leaves the 
legitimacy of the other conditions unimpeded. If needed the invalidity of
conditions, or parts of them will be replaced by new conditions, or parts of
them, which will correspond as much as possible with the contents, accessibility
and objectives of the former annulled conditions or parts of them.

15.2 These general conditions are applicable to all services rendered by the provider or/and transporter.