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A private driver at your service A private driver at your service
All inclusive rates, no hidden fees All inclusive rates, no hidden fees

Frequently asked questions. 

In general;

What is Cityspots?

Cityspots is a network of drivers and guides that works in cooperation with local companies from the Green Heart of Holland. Due to advanced bookings it enables Cityspots to establish which company is most suitable for executing your perfect Cityspots experience.

Will my tour be a combined one?
Absolutely not! We do not combine tours.

Questions about your booking.

Should you mail or call us we would like to receive it with your booking-id.

I’ve booked my tour but would like to make alterations ,is that possible?
Naturally! This can be done by e-mail or phone, e-mail
or phone +31850653478.

What to do in case of a special request?
Please send us an e-mail regarding your request to

Am I allowed to bring pets?
That’s allowed but should be notified beforehand. This can be done by e-mail; or phone; +31850653478.

What to do when a booking confirmation is incorrect?
Please get in touch with Cityspots asap. This can be done through or call+3185 0653 478.

Your journey

Does Cityspots provide baby/child’s seat?
Yes, but we don't have that much child seats. So let us know as soon as you can and we will make arrangement.  

Are young children considered as extra passengers?
Yes, they do count as passengers.

 Am I obliged to tip the driver?
Our drivers will provide you with the best service possible, however as
much as they would welcome a tip, you are under no obligation to do so. They would
Just see it as a token of your appreciation of how you’ve experienced
Your ride.

 Where to turn to in case of a complaint?
For complaints or comments regarding your trip you can send an e-mail to

 Is smoking allowed in the vehicle?
No, smoking is prohibited.

What happens when the tour is longer then expected, or we want to book another hour?
We will not charge you if the tour will take a bit longer, but after 15min we will charge you every half hour. If you want to book another hour, just ask the driver or call the office. 


How can I cancel my reservation?
This can be done easily by e-mailing your booking-Id to:
Or call us at +3185 0653 478. We will however need your booking-Id .
Cancel in time then we won’t have to have made extra costs either.

Do I get a refund of my money when I have to cancel?
Off course 100%. But please do it in time to make sure we haven't made any costs yet. 

Prices and Payments

Are the prices per head?
The price per booking is the total price of the fellowship mentioned when
The booking was made.

Do I get an invoice of the payment?
Your conformation is also your invoice. 

How can I pay?
You can pay safely online or in the car by pin/cash or creditcard.