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Theme Park Efteling
✓ Hotel-Efteling-Hotel ✓ About 8 hours
From: € 105,00 p.p.
The Efteling is fun to go to. In the winter the theme park is a world of wonders. It is the largest theme park of the Netherlands.
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Burgers Zoo in Arnhem
✓ Hotel-Burgers Zoo-Hotel ✓ About 7 hours
From: € 99,00 p.p.
The Burgers Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in the Netherlands. It is 45-hectare and the animals are given the freedom to roam.
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Shopping in Roermond
✓ Hotel-Roermond-Hotel ✓ About 8 hours
From: € 125,00 p.p.
If you like shopping, Designer Outlet Roermond is the place where you want to be. It is set in the historic city of Roermond, 2 hours from Amsterdam.
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Visit Enkhuizen & Hoorn
✓ Hotel-Enkhuizen/Hoorn-Hotel ✓ About 6 hours
From: € 89,00 p.p.
The waterside cities Enkhuizen and Hoorn have a rich cultural history. The cities flourished during the Dutch Golden Age.
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✓ Hotel-Delft-Hotel ✓ About 5 hours
From: € 89,00 p.p.
See how the world-famous Delft Blue Ceramics are made. It's also the birthplace of the famous Johannes Vermeer!
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Hoge Veluwe National Park
✓ Hotel-Hoge Veluwe-Hotel ✓ About 8 hours
From: € 106,25 p.p. € 125,00
The finest area of scenic beauty. The landscape is a mix of sand dunes, heath lands and forest.
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We had such a great time. We did Giethoorn, I suggest to go a bit early in the morning. It's not so busy then! ~Daan, Denmark

If you go to Volendam, go to the cheese factory. Nice cheese tasting! Loved it! We did the photo too! ~Emily, Minneapolis

We had lots of fun Tuesday, wanted to say thank you for a great day. ~Anuja, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Rotterdam & Kinderdijk
✓ Hotel-Rotterdam/Kinderdijk-Hotel ✓ About 7 hours
From: € 104,50 p.p. € 110,00
Kinderdijk is open from april till october. Rotterdam has a wonderful mix of old and new architecture.
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Visit the Hague & Madurodam
✓ Hotel-The Hague-Hotel ✓ About 6 hours
From: € 89,00 p.p.
It's near Scheveningen Beach, with nice weather it's fun to go there as well.
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Lake Amsterdam
✓ Hotel-Nieuwkoop-Hotel ✓ About 6 hours
From: € 89,00 p.p.
If you are interested in the countryside of the Netherlands, you should go to Nieuwkoop. Its only 30km from Amsterdam and the nature is beautiful.
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Delta Works and Brussel
✓ Hotel-Brussel-Hotel ✓ About 12 hours
From: € 143,20 p.p. € 179,00
Visit the famous Delta Works in Zeeland. It is the biggest storm barrier of the world. Next stop: Brussel. The capital of Europe.
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Cheese Market Gouda or Alkmaar
✓ Hotel-Cheese Market-Hotel ✓ About 5 hours
From: € 89,00 p.p.
Visit the spectaculair cheese market in Gouda or Alkmaar. In Gouda the cheese market is on Thursdays, In Alkmaar on Fridays.
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Bruges in one day
✓ Hotel-Bruges-Hotel ✓ About 12 hours
From: € 143,20 p.p. € 179,00
Discover Bruges in one day. A historic and medieval metropolis. Bruges is the capital of Belgium and sure is worth the visit.
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Wall climbing in Groningen
✓ Hotel-Groningen-Hotel ✓ About 8 hours
From: € 112,50 p.p. € 150,00
Are you a sportive type and up for a challenge? Meet excalibur, the tallest climbing wall in the world.
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✓ Hotel-Nieuwkoop-Hotel ✓ About 6 hours
From: € 89,00 p.p.
Holland is famous for cycling. We don't mind rain, wind or storm. The bike is our first transport of choice!
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Family fun
✓ Hotel-Themepark-Hotel ✓ About 8 hours
From: € 79,00 p.p.
There are plenty of activities which you can do with your family. How about a theme park?
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Looking for the best destinations to go to in Holland? We offer the best places to visit during your citytrip in Amsterdam. In a nutshell. Looking for the famous windmills? Go to the Zaanse Schans. Are you in for cheese tasting? You should go to Volendam. From march till may you can visit the Keukenhof, and enjoy the tulps and a rainbow of colours. 

Would you like to see Holland in one day? Go to Madurodam! It's a small version of the Netherlands on a 1:25 scale with all off the countries top destinations such as the main landmarks, windmills and biggest cities. The finest area of scenic beauty. That will be the Hoge Veluwe National Park.

Take a look at the other destinations on our website. Create your own tour and find usefull information here.

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